Outdoor Patio Heater Cover

outdoor patio heater cover

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Stuff White People Like

Stuff White People Like

The local strip mall has really gone above and beyond. The outdoor patio/dining area has fancy tables and chairs, gigantic shade umbrellas and even pergola-style shade covers. Also: plexiglas surrounds to minimize wind and sound from the parking lot.

But you know what ranks this high on the Unnecessary Shit List? BUILT IN MUTHAEFFIN HEATERS. Above the table, there is a personal space heater! There's a push button on the wall next to the table, so you can adjust it yourself.

Seriously, folks?? The median temperature here is like 75.... and, of course, homeless people are not allowed in this town.

Spa, needing decking!

Spa, needing decking!

Our spa, installed and working, with the tabletop patio heater and a few sunloungers nearby.

outdoor patio heater cover

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